Welcome DIYers!

This is my online "scrapbook" to remember what we've achieved in our home...we purchased this home in November 2009 in Springfield, MO.

Click the tabs along the top to check out the house room by room.

Honestly, this is not my dream home by any means...but I intend to make it dreamy!

Thinking about a future move...

Hello happy readers! I finally have some AFTER shots for you! I've decided to create links across the top of the blog (under the header) that will take you to each room in the house...hopefully it works! I will post some in the regular body of the blog too, just in case you get lost. Thanks for stopping by and checking out everything I've been working on!

Upcoming: I really want to move the kitchen around a bit...such as moving the refrigerator to where the wall oven is and purchasing a new double oven stove...this will give us a nice span of countertop to use as a baking section. Really looking forward to that.

But, I'm also thinking about the future and if this house will really work for us...and that is most likely a "no". So I've been looking at homes in the countryside, about 20 minutes from here. Since we homeschool it doesn't really make much of a difference where we live...just don't want to be in the middle of nowhere.

Here is a picture of the house I've found that I'm loving...not sure if it will happen but it's fun to dream. Listed for $179,000.

Update: this home is a short sale and the bank wants $215K. It was under contract but will probably fall through at $179K. We will just abide and wait to see which house will be our forever home...

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