Welcome DIYers!

This is my online "scrapbook" to remember what we've achieved in our home...we purchased this home in November 2009 in Springfield, MO.

Click the tabs along the top to check out the house room by room.

Honestly, this is not my dream home by any means...but I intend to make it dreamy!

If You Love It Flaunt It

I love aqua and I have for years...it's the Pisces in me I suppose...and I love the calm feeling it brings me...

Now I have found a kitchen cabinet color that I can sink my teeth into...and it may solve my countertop dilemma. Our counters are cream Corian...not my choice...but it's a solid surface that works. So I can't have white cabinets which are my first choice...so I am going to go with my heart's color - AQUA!

Here's a picture of another aqua kitchen which I will use for inspiration. Click on the photo to go to the story and see more pics. I am also quite jealous of the windows in this kitchen, of which we have NONE, and I love the glassed cutouts in the upper cabinets. Very cool and breezy!

beautiful aqua kitchen

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