Welcome DIYers!

This is my online "scrapbook" to remember what we've achieved in our home...we purchased this home in November 2009 in Springfield, MO.

Click the tabs along the top to check out the house room by room.

Honestly, this is not my dream home by any means...but I intend to make it dreamy!

Working for a living...and some inspiring stuff

Here's a shot of our eating area...we found the light fixture at a flea market for $20. I am replacing the tulips with cute shades that are 3.99 each.

I moved the chair and the china hutch today...didn't like them where they were.
Do they look okay like this? I will probably sell the hutch at some point as I don't really like it.

There is A LOT of priming to do - and I've only just begun!

Here's my fave table...I'm thinking of painting it...I was thinking of aqua and then I saw some super cool pale aqua chairs from Pottery Barn and wondered if I should leave it cream? Or black?

Did I mention this weekend we are going to try to create the fireplace below with our own twist of course, from the Lettered Cottage.

I love Cornishware!

and I LOVE the aqua tones that are coming out everywhere...

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